The Stanwood Police Detective works in conjunction with patrol and the resources of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s office to investigate a broad range of felony and misdemeanor level crimes. Although the victims of the crimes live within the boundaries of the City of Stanwood, in many instances the suspects are located in other jurisdictions. Often these jurisdictions, to include several individual agencies, are often involved at some level during the investigations which normally involves weeks of follow up and interviews outside the City. Cultivating these relationships with other jurisdictions and their personnel is often critical to the success of any case. These findings or conclusion of a variety of investigations are well documented and presented to the Snohomish County Prosecutors Office for charging.

In addition to the investigative duties, the Detectives position is also tasked with some teaching and public speaking engagements. These events are an opportunity to present current and real time information to the citizens of our community and to better equip them in the prevention of becoming a victim of crime.

The Stanwood Detective’s position offers a unique opportunity to work in multitude of investigative positions offering valuable experience outside the normal daily duties. Working among, or alongside, several specialty units who are part of the Snohomish County Sheriffs Office, including the Drug Task Force, Automotive Task Force, Special Investigations Unit, and Major Crimes, offers a unique perspective and valuable training and insight into how some more complex and specialized investigations are conducted. These experiences are then applied to the daily cases in an effort to increase the solvability rate, bringing successful resolutions to many cases which normally would not be investigated.